Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chef's Quarter - Megamall Branch

One of the occasions I look forward to each year is the celebration of our birthday. My beau’s birthday is on the 11th. This year, aside from the usual simple celebration at home on the 11th and 13th, we decided to eat out with some friends we now seldom see. 

They’re based in Pampanga and Bataan so they’ve come a long way just to be with us on our birthday and they even bothered to buy us cake. ^___^

It was our first time at Chef’s Quarter so we didn’t know that we’d be paying corkage if we eat the cake in their restaurant because their menu includes cakes.

I’m glad the waiter had the courtesy to inform us prior to ordering though. I would have been outraged if he didn’t and shocked us with a corkage fee on our bill.


We ordered rice [P40] but we still ordered more carbs in the form of Penne Carbonara [P395]
The pasta was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was just the right amount – not too dry, not too saucy.I’m also not a fan of greens so I feel that there was too much basil.

I loved the Fish Fillet Meniere [P495]. It was overflowing with creamy mushroom sauce and served with whole potatoes (which I adore) and greens (which I don’t :p)

The Chef’s Quarter Steak [P595] was one of my favorites. Spell meat lover. ;) We had it medium-well and I think they did just the right technique to achieve the kind of texture we were looking for.

The St. Louis Pork Ribs [P550] made us wonder how long exactly they boiled the ribs to attain that kind of softness. We didn’t even need a knife to slice through the meat; it was literally falling off the bone with a slight poke from our fork. And the taste was just divine, complimented by the thick and flavorful sauce! Definitely the highlight of the meal!

For our drinks, we ordered various shakes (Apple, Banana, Ripe Mango) [P110]. Also Bottomless Iced Tea [P95], Dalandan Juice [P65] and Lemon juice [P50]. I went for the Banana shake which was OK but a little bland. I also expected a more sophisticated look to the glass. :p

Going back to the place? Maybe for the Pork ribs and to try their cakes too. :)

Service charge: 10% P275.44Approximately P420 per head

Ambiance: 4
Service: 3
Price: 3
Taste: 4
Overall:  3.5

Level 3 Atrium, SM Megamall

(02) 401 3658

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